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A Culture of Accountability

Have you created a culture of accountability in your business?

Or are you just assuming (hoping) your team will ‘get stuff done’?

Every leader wants to have a team of people who are accountable. Who take responsibility and get their stuff done correctly and on time. (also known as a self-managed team)

But not all leaders get that it is THEIR responsibility to create this self-managed team through a culture of accountability.

This does not just happen.

Accountability is not a solo act – it’s not just about hiring the right person and expecting everything to happen.

Accountability is the RESULT of your leadership – it is all all about everything that has to come before actually getting the work done.

  • Does your team get the overall vision and direction of the company? <– team members want to be a part of something bigger than themselves

  • Does each person understand their role in service of the big picture? <- people want to understand why their work matters

  • Are you making clear requests? <– there are 3 parts to a clear request, it has to be more than just “hey, do this thing”

  • Have you set an expectation of what you are looking for? <– it’s important to share with your team what success looks like

  • How are you ensuring that your team is operating in their strengths? <– many problems arise when we ask our team to do things they shouldn’t be 

  • Are you on the same page around deadlines & priorities? <– SOOO many problems arise here, especially when there’s a lot going on

  • How are you going to communicate with each other around progress? <– if there is no leader connected to the progress, don’t be surprised when progress isn’t made

  • What happens if your team member gets stuck? Or falls behind? <– who is there to support them through that? 

Does this sound like a lot? (it is! creating an intentional culture is no joke)

Are you suddenly wishing you didn’t have to do all of this on top of everything else?

At a certain point in every growing business the CEO can no longer be the main manager responsible for the success of every task, project and team member. But somebody has to be.

This is the essence of the Certified OBM role ← to make sure the right THINGS, get done at the right TIME, in the right WAY and by the right PEOPLE.

If you’re interested in learning more about what this could look like in your business, I’d love to connect.

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