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Online Business Management

From metrics creation and analysis, to managing and establishing KPI's and everything in between, I can help alleviate all of your operational quarrels and help get you back to doing the work you truly desire to do in your business.  

VIP Day- "Expansion"

Expansion is curated VIP experience that helps business owners build a solid business foundation and an even stronger team by reviewing and perfecting the 6 pillars of scalability. 


Join me for a deep dive and extensive review into your current business model and a strategic planning session to ensure your company's success moving forward. 

Project/Product Launches

Whether tangible or digital, event or online course, I am able to provide your team with detailed timelines and task lists for your upcoming product launches. 

*Required launch window of 90-120 days

Process Audits

Have you ever joined a company or team and very quickly became overwhelmed due to the lack of clarity in your role and expectations? 

We can all agree that our best experiences with companies and entrepreneurs alike have been those where processes were clearly communicated to us. 

Are you running a company of chaos or a company of clarity? 

Partner with me to refine and document your company processes to ensure you are the latter and not the former.

Tech Audits

Is your tech giving you a headache? 

Tech stacks are pain points for most bustling business owners. On top of the millions of things you are already managing, figuring out figuring out the tech should NOT be one of your worries. 

Your business also should not suffer because of this. I can help alleviate your tech and automations woes by providing detailed software recommendations to ensure you are able to seamlessly run your operations and eliminate the manual work.

Tech and Automations 

Identifying the proper software to support your operations is one step of it's own. 

Making it all work together is another one. 

As luck would have it, I am able to support you in both areas. 

Once we have identified the direction you should go in, partner with my team and I for the tech and automations implementation phase.

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